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• 12/25/2017

Invincible's Blue and Black Costume

I would like to ask why Invincible changed to his blue and black costume? Any significant reason for this? And why dfid he change back to yellow, blue, and black?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/12/2017

Image Multiverse

I've noticed that Youngblood and Spawn are to be considered as separate universes, but I don't think they are, after all, they do crossover often (such as Violator #3, Youngblood #10, etc.).
Basically, I think someone needs to edit all the character pages and removing whatever is in the 'universe' section, as there is nothing suggesting what universe they exist in, apart from anything WildStorm is in the WildStorm universe.
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• 12/24/2015

Share your favorite Image comics of 2015

With 2015 coming to an end, thought I'd start a forum to discuss your top comics published by Image this year.
I'll start off, my top 3 comics of 2015 are:

We Stand on Guard: Because Canada. but really, this was a really great miniseries. I do wish we get more issues in the future, defs need more questions to be answered.
Outcast: A great exorcism story by Kirkman. Possession may be a common theme in horror stories by Kirkman created a unique story to share.
Saints: Though with only 3 issues released in 2015, Saints has had a great start and tells its story with art which is pretty unique for comics.
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• 12/21/2015

Invincible Universe Wiki Merge

A while back there was discussion of merging the invincible universe wikia with the Image Comics wiki. We have voted and agreed a centralized place would best serve the community. We have started the move of their content to this website. The biggest gap we had was the Rudolph Conners page-- which has been updated with their content now. We both had unsourced content and Gravelord's from the Invincible Wiki had more details so we replaced our biography with theirs. If you would know any of the issues the content came from, your help in sourcing the page will greatly help this wiki. There are a few more pages we are going to vet out.
In addition, they had several pages we did not in regards to minor characters or characters who mostly appeared in-universe in other comics like Capes Vol 1. The following is a list of the pages we have imported. We next need to change these pages to use our templates. In addition, we need to upload profile pics for each character or these characters. We still require templates for all images, but I understand it may be blank for issues and inker/penciler/colourist if we take their wiki's photo and don't know the source info. This will be your one get-out-of-jail card for that ;)
I will be working through these updates with you guys but if you take the time to assist me, I will greatly appreciate your help! You'll also get tons of those achievements and category points if that's something you're interested in. I'm glad we're all making this site the best source for Invincible content on the internet -- by partnering with the InvincibleUniverse wiki with this merge I can see how much better these pages are coming by getting rid of some of these red links! Feel free to add any points to these pages that you see missing as well!
And anyone read that last issue of the reboot? You guys excited for the future of Invincible??

Importing pages...

Derek Sanders 8 revisions
Steve White 5 revisions
Sanford 4 revisions
Damien Darkblood 4 revisions
Superball 4 revisions
Captain Cosmic 5 revisions
Brain Boy 4 revisions
Battery Bill 4 revisions
Holy Water 4 revisions
Filip Schaff 4 revisions Done - thanks kirkmanfan
Radcliffe 4 revisions
Meteor Master 4 revisions
Hawaiian Crest 4 revisions
Ed Malone 4 revisions
Marshall Winslow 4 revisions
Kid Fusion 5 revisions
Mr Keene 4 revisions
Holly Winters 6 revisions
Monarch Prime 4 revisions
Professor Varner 4 revisions
Night Knight 4 revisions
Webmaster 4 revisions
Camelot 4 revisions
Werewolf 4 revisions
Bulldog 4 revisions
Doctor Justice 4 revisions
Mastermind 4 revisions
April Howsam 5 revisions
Rampage 5 revisions
Giant 4 revisions
Paul 5 revisions
Drop Kick 5 revisions
Fightmaster 5 revisions
Adam Wilkins 5 revisions
Betsy Wilkins 5 revisions
Aquarus II 4 revisions
Becky Duvall 4 revisions
Jack Duvall 4 revisions
Britney 4 revisions
Ms Popper 4 revisions
Justine 5 revisions
Geldarian Emperor 4 revisions
Ed Thompson 5 revisions
Gravitator 4 revisions
Brother Love 4 revisions
Harriet Randolph 4 revisions
Mrs Sloan 4 revisions
Tyrone Randolph 5 revisions
Sherry 4 revisions
Brittany Jr 4 revisions
Import finished!
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• 12/15/2015

Savage Brian up for adminship

Savage Brian has been nominated for Administrator rights. Please vote for him if you love and worship him, or against him if you want him to die and hate his guts. If you're ambivalent, feel free to stop by and just generally poke fun of his avatar and the fact that he never updates Savage Dragon pages.
Savage Brian for Admin
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• 10/24/2015

Universe Naming Standards

So we started the universe naming standard late in the game. So in the beginning all characters created were always just Nolan Grayson and Leanna Creel with no universe after their name. If they were created today, they would probaby have been Nolan Grayson (Invincible) and Leanna Creel (Youngblood). So let's talk about these older characters and universe designation.
I think we should consider move these to make it easier to organize. We have already moved Jackie Estacado to Jackie Estacado (Top Cow) last weekend. "Why?" some might have asked did we suddenly start doing this? It's because Switch #1 relaunched a universe of Top Cow characters. Much like the Ultimate universe of Marvel, Top Cow is creating an alternate Top Cow universe with Switch. So, I started adding (Top Cow) for the legacy characters to differentiate Kenneth Irons (Top Cow) from the new Kenneth Irons (Switch) character (I still have to create and differentiate these new Switch characters as it's currently polluting, but they are coming I promise! I think I'm just the only guy who reads this as no one is contributing in this area.)
So, do you guys think it's worth it to consider this for some of our other universes? Example, should we move ALL Highbrow Characters to end with (Highbrow) at the end of their names? User:John Pannozzi recommended we differentiate Satan (Spawn) from Satan (Highbrow). I think we should ask this about all characters universe where it makes sense? So Kurr Dragon (Highbrow) or Angelica Murphy (Highbrow) would be the new pages.

Having said that, I think there are three universes that I'd like to consider off-limits. Spawn, Invincible, and Wildstrom I think should be left alone. We can put God (Spawn) but I think the rest should stay grandfathered as there are links around the internet that point directly to Albert Simmons and I'd like to keep it that way as opposed to a redirect.
What are your thoughts? What universes should we add? Comment with your opinion and recommended naming convention?
Example, list a recommendation like this in comments if you want to see them moved:

Category:Highbrow Characters should have a universe of (Highbrow)
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• 10/9/2015

Eirk Larsen to Join Todd McFarlane on Spawn starting with #258

It was announced at New York Comic Con that Erik Larsen is set to come on board Spawn, along with McFarlane staring with Spawn #258. He'll be co-plotting, and co-writing alongside Todd, as well as provide artwork for the series for the next five issues.
The article will be below, but what do you guys think? Personally, I'm a bit disappointed. As this officially confirms Jonboy Meyers is off the book, and I was very much enjoying his art on the series, coinciding with the fact that I'm not exactly crazy about Larsen's artistic work, I'm just a little worried the book may take a dip in quality, but I'm still open to see what he'll bring to the table. I just want the best for the series.
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• 9/24/2015

Jonboy Meyers apparently leaving Spawn after issue #256?

I'm not sure if this is legit or not but, I read a random tweet on Twitter that said Jonboy Meyers was apparently leaving Spawn after issue #256, but there was no other information given. Given the fact that Spawn information isn't exactly very forthcoming, and that you have to dig to find inside information about the series, it doesn't really surprise me that I found it randomly on Twitter of all places. But anyway, do you guys think this is true? Personally I'm not sure, seeing as how Jonboy has already done the covers for both #257, and #258. But the cover for #259 was just revealed, and it's done by Todd McFarlane, and in the solicitation for that issue, Jonboy's name isn't mentioned, it just says "Todd McFarlane & Friends", so it's looking likely sadly. I was enjoying Jonboy's run with the book, I wonder why so many people keep leaving it? First Paul Jenkins, now Jonboy.
Link to the tweet:
Link to solicitation:
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• 8/25/2015

What would happen if Spawn had a Civil War complex?

Todd McFarlane recently announced big changes in the world for Spawn. His identity will apparently become public after a four-part battle with Satan!

I always though the Marvel Comics Civil War was a great idea. It came out right at the 9/11 period that was a time where many questioned what information truly needed to become public. It will be great to see how Spawn can struggle with settling back into a world where he's been gone and doesn't just skulk in the shadows like the initial issues.
We get to meet Satan after 255 issues? How long has this been and how many times have we thought we were meeting the one and powerful only to have the title kicked further up the food chain. No disrespect Man of Miracles.
I think the new villains will be a great thing for Spawn as well! I love motivation stories, but I don't think the HMS titanic and a list hardly relatable character are going to cut it for a reboot.

I have returned to writing the Spawn series with Jonboy Meyers continuing on the art chores (with me handling some of the covers and doing inking from time to time). We are heading to an EPIC showdown between Al Simmons and Satan (who we have never met in this series in over 255 issues!). The four part battle with be for the final resting spot of the recently deceased Wanda Blake (the former wife of Al Simmons).
After that Jonboy and I are planning on creating a handful of new villains for the book and showing the world what it would look like if everyone knew that SPAWN existed, instead of just hiding in the shadows. That turn will lead to a new direction for Simmons as he moves forward Trying to carry out Wanda’s dying wishes…which we will see soon!

What are your thoughts? What are you excited for?
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• 8/4/2015

Solicit Synopsis

It's been great to have people create issues. Something people have been doing is adding the solicit synopsis from Image Comics in the history. This is good info and a great teaser, but when placed there it removes that issue from the category Articles in need of summaries.
I've created a new attribute to put this information:

|Solicit =

We can use this to put the Image Comics Solicit Teaser and then we still have our existing History attribute for Plot Synopsis. Let me know if you guys have any questions about this. Great job on all the great updates I've seen lately! Clearly Image is putting out some great stuff right now!
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• 7/30/2015

Superheros with Beards.

How do you feel about it? Some can rock and others can't lol. Who has the best superhero beard in your opinion and the worst?
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• 7/14/2015

Invincible Reboot?

Just activated the forums, how lazy of us not to have this :) There's been some conversations on people's walls so I figured let's centralize it and talk together.
So at the Image Expo, big news dropped. Invincible is rebooting!! Well... sort of. It will still be volume one and will continue with Issue #124:

In this new direction for Invincible, Mark suddenly finds himself without powers. Back home… but aware of everything he’s lived through. What does he change, who can he save… and how will he deal with his father now that he knows what’s coming?

I'm excited to see a new thread introduced, but sometimes maintaining changes on the character profile can be a nightmare with big reboots or retcons. I also don't want to just strip him of his powers as we all know they'll be back right? Or hope... Let's wait and see what happens, don't forget this Wednesday we get a new issue on the road to the reboot!
What are everyone's thoughts on this news?
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