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"Mystery Incorporated: Mayhem on Mystery Mile!"

Cover for 1963 (1993)

"A Pageant of Possibly Pointless Postings from the Parlor of Perfection!"

"Mystery Mailbag"

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Quote1.png Flame jets?!? What do they expect me to do? Turn back because I forgot the marsh-mallows?!? Quote2.png
-- Planet

Appearing in "Mystery Incorporated: Mayhem on Mystery Mile!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Amazona (Mentioned only)
  • A Frost-Beast (Cameo)
  • Fury (Cameo)
  • U.S.A.(Appears on comic cover)
  • L.A.S.E.R. (Mentioned only)
  • Cargo X (Mentioned only)


  • Mystery Mile


  • The Maybe Machine
  • Belt Buzzers


  • Mystery Train

Plot Synopsis for "Mystery Incorporated: Mayhem on Mystery Mile!"

The members of Mystery Incorporated are putting their strongest team member the Planet through a training scenario. The Planet must try and run the gauntlet of the Mystery Mile and avoid all of the building’s defense systems. The other team members (Crystal-Man, Neon Queen and Kid Dynamo) all pour on the attack and eventually manage to stop him.

After the exercise, Neon Queen discovers that someone has broken into their headquarters by way of the dimensional window known as the Maybe Machine. Strangely enough however, this mysterious individual is seen walking backwards throughout the complex. He sets off the Mystery Mile’s defense systems and the team has to fight their own headquarters to try and find the Backwards Bandit. Kid Dynamo approaches him and tries to ensnare him in a ring of electricity, but the Backwards Bandit siphons the Kid’s power (as well as the Kid himself) into a small transmitter device and escapes from the headquarters.

Crystal-Man discovers that the Backwards Bandit must have come from a future alternate-reality. By traveling backwards through time through the Maybe Machine, he overshot the waveband mark and that is why he appears to be walking backwards. Mystery Incorporated decides that the only way they are ever going to save Kid Dynamo is by following the Backwards Bandit into the Maybe Machine – something they have never dared try before.

Appearing in "A Pageant of Possibly Pointless Postings from the Parlor of Perfection!"

Featured Characters:


Plot Synopsis for "A Pageant of Possibly Pointless Postings from the Parlor of Perfection!"

Letters page.

Appearing in "Mystery Mailbag"

Featured Characters:



  • Devolvo-Ray

Plot Synopsis for "Mystery Mailbag"

Letters page.


  • First appearance of all characters except for the Backwards Bandit. In issue #6, it is revealed that the Backwards Bandit is actually Jeff Terrell (A.K.A. Shaft) of the modern-day superhero team Youngblood.
  • Fury appears, but only in a cameo. He appears fully in 1963 #2.
  • The 1963 series is an homage to the classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby era of Marvel Comics. As such, these comics are written and drawn in the style of the time. Creator credits are spruced up with fancy nicknames like "Affable Al Moore", and they even make reference to past issues of comics that have never even existed. These issues also include letters pages and soapbox editorials – many of which, again, reference comic book issues that have never been printed.
  • Mystery Incorporated is loosely based on the Marvel Comics series, The Fantastic Four. The character archetypes, headquarters and origin bear many similarities to the Marvel Comic.
  • Mystery Incorporated is not to be confused with Mystery Inc., the Hanna-Barbara animated team of sleuths that usually solve mysteries with a Doberman named Scooby Doo.


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