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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Adrenalynn (First Appearance)

Supporting Characters:

  • Kaori Lee
  • Yuri


  • Cyron

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Vlatko
  • Elga
  • Pluto
  • Center for Disease Control (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

In 1989 in Soviet Russia, a man named Vlatko came to a home for orphaned and disabled children. He came inside and handed an envelope to Elga, one of the workers. Then Elga showed Vlatko who he calendar for: a girl named Sabina Nikoli. Then, Sabina unwillingly left with Vlatko.

Present day in Washington D.C., a young man named Yuri came to collect Sabina’s seemingly dead body and load it in his van to drive it to his headquarters with his colleague Kaori.

In 1983 in Russia, Soviet scientists were experimenting on Sabina, giving her metallic legs. They had plans to send her to the United States.

In the present, Kaori and Yuri unloaded Sabina’s body a time their warehouse and sent it to their associate Pluto for examination. Pluto revealed that Sabina was a cybernetic android.

Later, at the U.N. headquarters, Kaori phoned Vlatko about their contract, while Yuri continued to watch Pluto’s examinations of Sabina. They learned that Sabina’s blood appeared to Ben mixed with anthrax and something similar to the Ebola virus and that she was too dangerous. They decided that they should not give her to the Russians.

Later on, Sabina was activated and broke into a room holding another android Cyron. Sabina fought Cyron, dipping his arm off and beating him with it, but the wires on the arm wrapped around Sabina, but she was able to break free and defeat him by shoving the arm in his mouth. Meanwhile, Yuri and Pluto both watched in shock.

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