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Ali Fargham
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Gnome is an information broker, whose info can be paid in favors.

Gnome first appears during a meeting with Emp, telling him where the last crossbreed is, in exchange for a future favor. [1] He is later seen gloating that while the WildC.A.T.s, Youngblood and the Cabal fight among themselves, he will take the orb for himself and have supreme power. [2] Gnome finally takes the Orb with the help of the Troika, and uses its power to shoot Helspont. When Gnome tries to kill Void, he prevents Emp from interfering by reclaiming the favor Emp owes him and reminding him that heroes are bound by their word. Emp claims he is no hero and shoots Gnome's arm off. Gnome falls after his arm that is still grasping the Orb. [3]

Gnome is called by a Daemonite who need a suitable host, and later deals with the former Coda Destine to help the Daemonite get the host, with his price being the mere fact that the WildC.A.T.s will interfere, and he wants them to die after their last encounter. [4]

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