Real Name
Current Alias
"Sandy" Morales
Risqué (while in Cyber space)
Base Of Operations
Manhattan, New York NYPD

Marital Status
Police Detective
Criminal Justice
Place of Birth


Alysande "Sandy" Morales is an American police detective from Manhattan, New York. She was a short-term ally of Cyberforce.

In Volume 2, Issue #9 of Cyberforce, Alysande became involved in the super-powered mutant struggle when she rescued Chip and a mysterious girl named Miranda Tai from pursuing S.H.O.C. Troopers. She fatally shot the first S.H.O.C. assailant before being confronted by their field commander Ragland. Before he could attempt to attack Morales, her partner Detective Tommy Costello. Ragland and his team were arrested briefly before their bosses--Watchword, a front for Cyberdata pressured police officials to release their people. Morales and Costello soon learned their days as policemen were numbered as Watchword and the city of Manhattan were in talks of privatizing certain police elements.

After her heated debriefing with officials, Morales returned home to her apartment space to get some much-needed sleep. However, she was soon awakened by a mysterious agent named Huntsman. He saved her from an attack by Morgan Stryker who came through her apartment ceiling. Soon, Huntsman and Morales raced throughout the city evading being captured by various members of Cyberforce, including Impact, Velocity and Cyblade. Velocity made a speedy capture, ensnaring Morales but was neutralized quickly by Huntsman who tripped her up. While waiting for help in Prospect Park, Morales declared to the handcuffed Velocity and waiting Huntsman that they were both under arrest. Seconds later, Ripclaw sprung into action, nearly killing Morales before he was intercepted by Huntsman. Morales was captured and rendered unconscious by Ballistic who voluntarily joined the team in their operation. However, the team was ambushed by the waiting team of S.H.O.C. Troopers led by Ragland. Morales watched helplessly (because she was merely human whereas the combatants were all either mutants or empowered in some way) before Ragland put a gun to her head attempting to kill her. She was however saved by Huntsman once more.

Risque Cyberforce Vol. 2. No. 11

Alysande Morales in cyber space as the wild, super-powered cyber enigma Risqué.

She awoke much later inside some sort of insulated hibernation cocoon filled with rejuvenation fluid, eventually freeing herself. Upon waking up, Morales met Huntsman who introduced her to the sanctuary of a hidden location known as Empire City where she had been sleeping[1]. There she learned about the city from its leader Alabaster Wu. She also met with Cyberforce, first with Ballistic who was about to kill her before Huntsman explained they were all on the same side and their real enemy was Cyberdata, whom he saved them all from. They all regained their strength and began training for a short time. Along with Morales the team discussed Cyberdata's agenda and Alabaster Wu explained the significance behind the kidnapping of Miranda Tai who was a member of Empire City (apparently sought after to learn the location of the city). After the discussion, once more S.H.O.C. troopers attacked, invading the city.[2]

While the troopers engaged Cyberdata, Morales and Alabaster Wu devised an elaborate plan to infiltrate Cyberdata to rescue missing persons Tommy Costello[2], Ballistic[3] and Velocity all whom were captured and imprisoned in the S.H.O.C. program. While in the cyber space, Morales posed as the hacker Risque, appearing in a modestly-clad, futuristic spandex costume and virtually had the "power" to do whatever she pleased in cyber space. Upon entering, she sabotaged the system and was able to free all the imprisoned members of Cyberforce including freeing her own partner.

Afterwards, the team celebrated with Morales and Costello at a bagel and coffee shop. As a light-hearted joke, Cyberforce gave Morales a present which was a box containing the Risqué outfit Morales wore while helping the captured Cyberforce teammates in the virtual world. To little surprise, Morales smirked and declined the offer of being a Cyberforce member (as she only did the cyber space "gig" on a one-time only basis). While her partner Costello jokingly told her to wear the costume with pride, she joked right back saying the one picked out for him outdid hers by far.

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