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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Angela returns to Elysium to restore her name.

Smut, a small raccoon like dog, escorts Angela and Spawn out of Hell. Spawn and Angela bicker like an old married couple after their recent love-making session.[1]

Spawn is sent back to New York City and Angela is sent back to Elysium. Angela tells Anahita, Kuan Yin, and Callindra she has a plan.

At Terran Affairs Headquarters, Angela appears and threatens Gabrielle. Gabrielle admits that when Spawn touched the Dimensional Lance it must have been reconfigured. She could no longer find any trace of it, or Angela's Hunting Permit. She figured it was the ultimate opportunity to finally set her up.

Teleporting to the Moon Angela meets up with her friends. They tell Angela they'll get the tape of the conversation to the committee to acquit her. Angela informs them she's decided she's not going back. She's going to stay a free-lancer.

Rafael arrives at Terran Affairs Headquarters and arrests Gabrielle for her crimes. She states there will be changes in the office.


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