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  • Wolf Car
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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Astounding Wolf-Man Vol 1 6 001

Impact chases after Gary and the scientist

After a vigorous tennis match, Chloe Hampton loses against Carly Banks. Chloe shows sportsmanship and she teases her about living in the mall. She basically calls her mother a whore, stating that she must sleep with the school dean to stay in enrolled. An enraged Chloe smacks her in the face with the tennis racket. Gary and Rebecca look in horror. Gary hops over and goes to restrain her. The trio go back and she leaves to her room in anger. Rebecca follows suit and asks to talk about it with her. She remarks that she is the laughing stock of the school and that her friends won’t hang out with her. She comes to believe that she hates Gary as he caused all of this, not knowing Gary was watching.

Astounding Wolf-Man Vol 1 6 002

Kinetic ambushes Gary with the intent to kill him.

Gary argues that he understands and remarks that the duo don’t respect him anymore as he sees it in them. Gary leaves a speechless Rebecca to go with Zechariah. He notices a few cop cars and he smashes the car driver out. He asks why he was running and he reveals that he is being chased by Impact. An angry Impact demands to know why Gary is protecting him. He is shot by policeman and the scientist reveals that Impact aka Number 7 get his powers from the kinetic energy impacting against him. Impact demands that Gary give him the scientist.

Astounding Wolf-Man Vol 1 6 003

Sergeant Superior appears before the Actioneers as a Vampire

Meanwhile at Crockett’s Grill and Fine Eatery, Rebecca meets with an old colleague, Nathan Singleton. He asks about how Gary is and she flirtatiously suggest that they don’t talk about Gary. Meanwhile, Mecha-Maid disguised as a blonde woman strolls the town with her Elise. However it is soon revealed that she is merely an advanced hologram. The girl begins to cry as she deactivates her. She converts back to robotic form and alerts the Actioneers of Impact’s attack. He scans the cells, seeing that he absorbs energy. He gives him a shock and knocks him unconscious. A transport van appears and the scientist prepares to take Impact away.

Kinetic emerges, prepared to kill Gary. Gary knocks her back and Minotaur charges into him. The scientist tells them to ignore what’s going on so that they can get Impact in. Gary doesn’t want to fight them and Kinetic pummels with the intent to kill. Sergeant Superior appears before them and tells them stop. Shocked to see that he’s alive, and he says “not exactly,” revealing that he is now a Vampire.


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