Quote1 I know who you are. You search for me, but it is I who have found you. I caught your scent the moment you set foot in my forest. You were chosen. Chosen to carry my legacy. Chosen to spread my influence. You were never meant to share my presence. Why did seek me out? Quote2
-- Elder Brood

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  • Backpack
  • Photographs of the Hampton family


  • Truck
  • Car

Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Astounding Wolf-Man Vol 1 8 001

Gary prepares to make his trip.

Dunford and Chloe would attend Rebecca’s funeral along with others that knew her. Two agents wait as one believes that Gary will come back. He goes on to say that he won’t take any chances against him.

Meanwhile, Gary manages to get a fake I.D. from a man named Tony. He demands more money after finding out who he really is. He pulls out his sawn off shotgun and Gary begins to hand him the money. He tricks his henchman and smacks him away. He is shot, however, and he runs to a truck so that he can escape. He eventually bleeds out. He becomes weak and falls off the truck, falling off the highway. With his head gashed open and leg broken to the point his bone pops out, he lays there until night occurs. He transforms into Wolf form and continues to roam.

Dunford goes to see Chloe at the Hampton Estate. He goes on to say that her mother would be proud of the service and she tells him to leave her room. She begins to cut all the pictures that have her father in, filling an entire trash-bag.

Astounding Wolf-Man Vol 1 8 002

Gary asks Elder Brood's help learning how to kill Vampires.

At Wolf-Man’s Lair, the two agents investigate the crime scene of Rebecca’s death, believing it may provide a clue. One get a call that they have seen Gary on the interstate. Gary stays on top of a truck and the two agents see him, wondering where he is going. Gary stops by a gas station after hitching a ride. He stops a station to pick up a Jack Daniels only for him not to drink it. Gary would keep traveling by human form or by Wolf-form.

The two agents keep traveling and keep on his trails. Gary goes to rest and a child goes to comfort him. Her father notices who he is and attempts to call the police. The agent begins to realize where Gary is going after putting clues together. He decides to go alone.

It is revealed that Gary went back to Willow Creek, Montana, the same place where Gary contracted lycanthropy.[1] Gary relives the memories and he sees a family of three, like him, Chloe, and Rebecca. Gary leaves in time without a trace. He keeps moving into the forest and he is discovered. The voice goes on to say that he was chosen by and never meant to share his prescene. The werewolf is revealed to be an Elder Brood and Gary asks for his help in learning how to kill a vampire.


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