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In the year 2045, man has researched too far into the way of weather and has destroyed the earth's atmosphere through experimentation. The earth is now run by the Hazeltyne Corporation.[1]

August Reasons is the White Wizard in secrecy. He is wanted by the Hazeltyne Corporation and has been at ends with them for years. He went into a 10 year hiatus where he lived in quiet in a precipitation collection home.[1]

White Wizard Snow Fall 001

The White Wizard strikes.

On the ten year anniversary of one of his famous victories, he visited the New Mercy Settlement where he caused a huge snow fall. The Hazeltyne Corporation soon arrived and attempted to stop him but he quickly buried them in wreckage and escaped.[1]

He was eventually tracked down to a cold zone where no one is supposed to live. Anthony Farrow found a precipitation collection plant and found August Reasons, the White Wizard, lived in that house. Reasons knocked out and interrogated Farrow. He saw in his past he was a student at a Hazetyne Corporation research facility but Farrow denied being aligned with them. At the same time on TV, a newscast was being shown where a child was shown to have been murdered in the wreckage at New Mercy. Reasons fell to his knees and knew she had been alive when he left.[1]

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