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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Peter Clifton
  • Rachel (First Appearance) (In dream sequence only)


  • Devlin Trask (First Appearance) (Apparent Death)
  • B'liale
  • Nicholas

Other Characters:



  • Scepter of Amazonia (First Appearance)


Synopsis for the 1st Story

Father Clifton takes Avengelyne to an exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Devlin Trask, a patron of Clifton’s church, is there and introduces himself.  In a vault below the museum, Glory and Troll secure the powerful Scepter of Amazonia to keep it away from her demonic father.  Trask offers to give Avengelyne a tour of New York and then greets Glory as she arrives at the exhibit.  The next day, he arranges dates with both women, intent on using them to acquire the Scepter.  That evening, he takes Avengelyne to a showing of “The Phantom of the Opera”, and, after dropping her off, goes clubbing with Glory.  He confronts a man following them who proves to be a demon named Nicholas.  Nicholas’s employer wants Trask to leave New York, but he refuses and throws Nicholas out a window.  He takes Glory back to her apartment and gets her drunk enough to reveal the location of the Scepter.  Nicholas reports back to his boss, B’Liale, who decides not to intervene upon learning Trask is after the Scepter.  The next evening, Avengelyne is visited in a dream by her fellow fallen angel Rachel. Rachel reveals that Trask is her son. When Trask picks Avengelyne, she informs him that she knows his identity.  He claims that he needs Avengelyne’s help to stop Glory from giving the Scepter to B’liale.  A raven delivers Glory a warning that the Scepter is about to be taken, and she returns to the vault unaware that Trask and Avengelyne are waiting for her.  While she and Avengelyne fight, Trask grabs the Scepter.  He confesses to his deception just before he explodes.  Glory explains that the Scepter can only be held by a woman.  As she and Glory leave, Avengelyne bemoans falling for Trask, and Glory says he reminded her of her great love, Supreme.

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