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Appearing in "Overt Operations"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Phyllis Deeder
  • Roland Tymer


Other Characters:

  • Paul Burke
  • Pemberton




Synopsis for "Overt Operations"

Badrock and his handler Roland Tymer attend a toy convention in New York.  Upon arrival, they run into Freak Force member Mighty Man and his associate Phyllis Deeder.  Badrock is signing autographs to help promote the latest Youngblood toy line when Overtkill enters and blasts Badrock out the window.  In a meeting a few floors down, Mighty Man sees him falling and flies out to help.  He is unable to prevent Badrock from hitting the ground, but he does stop falling glass from landing on the crowd.  Overtkill follows, and his battle with Badrock soon breaks through the street into the subway below.  Badrock electrocutes him, and he gets hit by a train.  Badrock and Mighty Man then track him to a train station where he is terrorizing the crowd.  Working together, they tear off his bionic arms and punch his body hard enough that it explodes.  Mighty Man wants to keep Overtkill’s head as a trophy, but Badrock says it belongs to Youngblood.  Mighty Man suggests they play a basketball game to decide who gets it.

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