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Appearing in "End of Time!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Pantheon of Heroes
    • Clone Boy
    • Galactic Lad (First Appearance)
    • Snowstar (First Appearance)
    • Brain Boy (First Appearance)
    • Tele-Girl (First Appearance)
    • Dragonfist (First Appearance)
    • Photon (First Appearance)
    • Jupiter Boy
    • Gravity Girl
    • Anti-Matter Lad (First Appearance)
    • Laughing Boy
    • Angelfish (First Appearance)
    • Golden Girl (First Appearance)
    • Ghost Girl (First Appearance)
    • Sphinx
    • The Absolute
    • Zen (First Appearance)
    • Blitz (First Appearance)
    • Metazoids (First Appearance)
    • Titan Twins (First Appearance)
      • Stacy (First Appearance)
      • Tracy (First Appearance)
    • 2973 ShadowHawk (First Appearance)
    • Star (First Appearance)
    • 2973 Mighty Man (First Appearance)
    • Butterfly Queen (First Appearance)
    • Omega Boy (First Appearance)
    • RoboKid (First Appearance)
    • Unidentified Martian (First Appearance)
    • Kid Warlock (First Appearance)
    • Lionclaw (First Appearance)
    • Aviatrix (First Appearance)
    • Nature Boy (First Appearance)
    • Manta Rae (First Appearance)
    • Ant Boy (First Appearance)
  • Ultiman
  • Venus
  • The Blitz (Earth-B)
  • Oblivia


  • Time Being
  • The Berzerker (First Appearance)
  • Grandfather Clock
  • Horde (possesses Mighty Man)
  • Leech

Other Characters:

  • Ultragirl
  • Thunder Girl
  • Robo-Judge (First Appearance)
  • Ambassador Gork (First Appearance)
  • Alex Wilde
  • Mighty Man (possessed by Mighty Man)
  • Cyclone (Main story and flashback)
  • The Blitz (Earth-A) (Main story and flashback)
  • Round Table of America (Main story and flashback)
    • Ultiman (Main story and flashback)
    • The Human Sub (Main story and flashback)
    • Mr. Martian (Main story and flashback)
    • Hummingbird (Main story and flashback)
    • The Beacon (Main story and flashback)
    • Knight Watchman (Main story and flashback)
  • The Badge robot (Main story and flashback)
  • Jupiter (Mentioned only)


  • End of Time
    • Time Being's fortress Template:Destroyed
  • Time-Stream
    • Chronoutpost 17-QR
  • 2969
    • Pantheon Headquarters
  • 1987
    • Realm of the Gods
  • Earth-A
    • Grandfather Clock's observatory
  • 2973
    • Empire City
      • Pantheon Headquarters
  • 1997


  • Infinity Orb
  • Time Tunnel
  • Jupiter's Thunderbolt
  • Time Bubble
  • Kr'wallian battlesuit (Main story and flashback)
  • Dextron Power Gem (Main story and flashback)

Synopsis for "End of Time!"

At the End of Time, Savage Dragon found several different Ultimen dying after being drained of energy. Then, he encountered an elderly Clone Boy, who declared that their greatest enemy was the Time Being. Clone Boy told Savage Dragon that the Time Being planned to use the Infinity Orb to duplicate the big bang to make himself the new god. Then, the former revealed that the Time Being had weakened him and caused him to create clones of himself and replicate them as Ultiman. The Time Being appeared and revealed how Grandfather Clock had created him. As the Time Being fought Savage Dragon, Clone Boy transformed into Ultiman and was able to turn himself into a clone of his enemy, gaining the power of the Infinity Orb, but killing him. The Infinity Orb was ruptured, which would lead to destruction, so Savage Dragon went into the Time Tunnel to travel to the past. The Time Being sent Oblivia after him.

Meanwhile, at the Pantheon of Heroes' satellite chronoutpost 17-QR, Galactic Lad claimed that he had spotted the "time bomber" for the first time in months. Galactic Lad and Snowstar believed Savage Dragon to be Clone Boy's kidnapper. The explosion at the End of Time had also caused their satellite to explode, killing them. At the Pantheon headquarters in 2969, Clone Boy and Brain Boy were playing 5-D Chess when the team learned that everything in future time zones was being destroyed by an energy storm. Tele-Girl used her time pill to travel back in time before the storm killed her teammates.

In the Time-Stream, Savage Dragon encountered the Time Being and Oblivia and later found himself in the 22nd Century, where sentient machines have conquered mankind. A cyborg named the Berzerker, formerly America's first time traveler Alex Kirk, shot Savage Dragon. However, Savage Dragon survived and the Time Being's bombed backfired on him.

In 1987, in the Realm of the Gods, Venus and Ultiman were about to share a kiss when an elderly Blitz of Earth-B arrived with Savage Dragon. The Blitz updated Venus and Ultiman on Savage Dragon's situation. Venus and Ultiman went with Savage Dragon to stop the creation of the Time Being by stopping Grandfather Clock from meeting himself. However, the Time Being was aware of this and attacked the heroes. Oblivia, who came with him, killed the Time Being with a kiss that caused him to fade away from existence.

Venus took Oblivia to the Godrealm, while the Savage Dragon investigated to confirm the disappearance of the Time Being's fortress. Before he could finally go home, he was attacked by the Pantheon of Heroes, who captured him and brought him to their headquarters in 2973. The Pantheon read his mind and learned of the erased history, but were not convinced. They subsequently placed him on trial, where he was found guilty, but the trial was interrupted by Ultragirl and Thunder Girl, who saved him by vouching for him.

Savage Dragon was declared innocent and the Pantheon gave him their Time Bubble, which he used to travel back to 1997 Chicago, where he found a Horde-possessed Mighty Man grabbing Alex. Savage Dragon attacked Mighty Man, allowing Alex to free the latter hero by firing a flamethrower. After the battle, Savage Dragon offered to buy Alex and Mighty Man beers, while the Time Being appeared behind them, leaving his ultimate fate unknown.


  • The missing 15th chapter to this story ("Out of Time") was later published as a back-up in Big Bang Comics #33.

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