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Other Characters:

  • Powerful Three
  • Banker (Mentioned only)
  • Rail Baron (Mentioned only)
  • Rancher (Mentioned only)



  • Tom's Gun


Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In Snowtown, The Judge continues to track Tom Ketchum.

Judge Black Jack Ketchum 001

Elsewhere, Tom sits in a jail cell. He's told he's been caught for killing the Banker, the Rail Baron, and the Rancher. They tell him in exchange for admitting he killed them, they'll let him and make him the new sheriff of the town. Tom soon becomes the sheriff and protects the locals. Soon, he's thanked as crime is at an all-time low in the town.

Later, Tom is called to a burning building. It was started by the man he played cards with the day before. As they enter the office, the man tells him he knows he didn't kill the powerful three and they need to run. He tells him he's being delusional and this isn't real.

The Judge soon arrives. The three men apologize to the Judge as Tom didn't stay in the delusion. The Judge tells them it's okay as she wants him broken when she takes him in.

Solicit Synopsis

Tom's hunt for "Black Jack" Ketchum leads him to a small town... and finds him pressed into service as the new sheriff! Will the arrival of an old friend be enough to set Tom back on his quest? Or, will the Judge and the supernatural Dusters finally capture him?


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