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Quote1.png Stepan. Visit the armory before you go. Just in case. Quote2.png
-- Laurent

Appearing in "BOOK 1: AWAKENING, Part 3 of 5"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Villains :

  • Aira (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:

  • Laurent (First Appearance)
  • Stepan (First Appearance)


  • Copper Shield (First Appearance)
  • Puff of Smoke (First Appearance)



Plot Synopsis for "BOOK 1: AWAKENING, Part 3 of 5"

Rowan Black and Morgan Chaffey shit down at a rough bar with other members of the police squad. They talk about waiting for O'Malley to finish the autopsy report to know when Bruce Dunridge's hand was removed. Rowan takes off. Morgan asks if she's okay given the rough patch she's had over the past 24 hours. Rowan assures him she is fine and rides of on her motorcycle.

Nicky pulls out evidence on the Rowan White murder.

As Rowan returns home, she finds Alex smoking a cigarette on her apartment stoop. They enter the home and Rowan tells Alex her paranoia is having her consider putting up protection wards as she is being stalked by someone. They are both baked as the lighter symbol has the mark of Aira but they don't use possession magic. Rowan them tells Alex about Dunridge's body showing up without a left hand. Alex is surprised as not many know how to make a Hand of Glory. She warns Asked to put up a protection spell as soon as she leaves. She asks Rowan to steal the lighter so she can locate who put a spell on Rowan White. When Rowan is apprehensive, Alex reminds her it's her job out her life and takes off. Rowan pulls out a secret book hidden in her bookshelf. She casts protection spells on her home.

Rowan later heads to a smoke ship. She purchased a non-marked silver lighter. She marks it with the same symbol as the Rowan White lighter.

The next day, Nicky pulls the White Case evidence to re-examine. Rowan non-chalent like knocks the lighter of the table and replaced it with her father lighter.

Elsewhere, Laurent shows Stepan the news stories from Portsmouth about the burning and left hand. Stepan heads out to investigate and promises not to take any actions.

Solicit Synopsis

The threat begins to reveal itself. Rowan casts twice.


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