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| Speaker = [[Morgan Chaffey (Black Magick)|Morgan Chaffey]]
| Speaker = [[Morgan Chaffey (Black Magick)|Morgan Chaffey]]
| StoryTitle1 = Awakening, Part Four
| StoryTitle1 = Black Magick Book One: Awakening, Part Four of Five
| Writer1_1 = Greg Rucka
| Writer1_1 = Greg Rucka
| Penciler1_1 = Nicola Scott
| Penciler1_1 = Nicola Scott

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Quote1 And he was compelled, Ro. Like maybe at gunpoint. Quote2
-- Morgan Chaffey

Appearing in "Black Magick Book One: Awakening, Part Four of Five"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Villains :

  • Witch

Other Characters:

  • Bruce Dunridge (corpse) (First Appearance)
  • Belles
  • Donna Belle, mother of Sarah
  • Frank Belle, Father of Sarah
  • Sarah Belle (Mentioned only)
  • Aria
  • Anne-Marie
  • Captain Justin Pegg




Plot Synopsis for "Black Magick Book One: Awakening, Part Four of Five"

In the morgue, Sean tells Rowan and Morgan that Bruce Dunridge had a fight before he was finally murdered. They discover he had been hung but his neck didn't snap. His hand had been removed post-mortum. Rowan and Morgan take off to investigate further.

Rowan makes a stop to see Alex Grey at a school where she works. She hands here the lighter she lifted from evidence so she can place a locater spell on it. Alex promises to get to it that night as its energy wanes with time. Morgan sees Rowan talking to Alex from the car and becomes suspicious.

At the airport, Stepan arrives under the name of Mr. Hahn.

The police duo meet with the Belles. They ask if they've had any interaction with Bruce Dunridge in the past few weeks. The father, Frank, snapped as Bruce had talked and killed their daughter. Rowan reveals he had been murdered and Frank replied that he hoped he suffered before he died.

Rowan updates the captain with what she knows. She tells him she'll track down last knowns tomorrow.

Elsewhere, Asked begins a spell to locate who left the lighter that was given to her. However, a witch jumps out of a water reflection and strangles Alex.

Solicit Synopsis

A stranger arrives in Portsmouth.


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