Quote1 Breach. Breach. BREACH. Quote2
-- Rowan Black

Appearing in "Black Magick Book One: Awakening, Part Five of Five"

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Plot Synopsis for "Black Magick Book One: Awakening, Part Five of Five"

Rowan eats dinner at Morgan and Anna Chaffey's house. Anna moves slowly as she has six weeks left in her pregnancy and desires to have the baby soon as it's hampering her movements and increasing her size. She jokes that it's a boy while Morgan feels it will be a girl. Anna expresses concern for raising the baby well and Rowan promises she'll be there to help. Ro excuses herself to go finish some work and thanks them for their hospitality.

Stepan Hahn Black Magick 001

Stepan travels to the U.S. to look for magick.

At the sacred book shop, Stepan Hahn looks to connect with other witches and checks the bulletin board. The owner gives him some tips about what groups to check out to see if he's a fit.

Later, Stepan tells him about his investigations and that he has a bad feeling about a growing energy in the town of Portsmouth. Laurent tells him to calm down as no crime has been committed yet. Laurent then informs him he's receive hacked information from the police about the Dunridge murder and how three devil seeds were found in his stomach. He tells Stepan he'll need to investigate by breaking into the police department, illegally.

Meanwhile, Alex Grey continues her battle with the witch in her incantation. Rowan arrives at Alex's home and searches for her friend. When she finds her friend unconscious and leaning over a bowl of water, she realizes the danger. Rowan jumps into the water and saves Alex from the witch by putting a bullet through the witch's head and pulls Alex out.

As Alex catches her breath, she jokes she's never doing a favor for Alex again. She tells Rowan that whoever was behind this was waiting and it wasn't Aira.

Elsehwere, the woman controlling the witch wakes up with satanic writings on her head. She tells a room full of monsters that she's ready, she just needs to be pushed.

Solicit Synopsis

END OF STORY ARC Book One: “Awakening” Conclusion Trial by divination.


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