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| Status =
| Status =
| Identity =
| Identity =
| Alignment = [[International Operations]]
| Alignment = International Operations
| Universe = Wildstorm Universe
| Universe = Wildstorm Universe
| BaseOfOperations =
| BaseOfOperations =

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Black Razors

Black Razors
Information-silk Official Team Name
Black Razors
Information-silk Team Leader(s)


The Black Razors are International Operations's fighting force, working for the Director of Operations. Usually they wear light-weight protective armor. They are among the best trained human fighters on the planet and are often sent in to deal with parahuman threats. The Black Hammers are a group of Black Razors wearing large powered armors. Formerly led by Ben Santini. With the collapse of I.O., most of them found work in other government agencies. A group of disgruntled Black Razors teamed up with Black Arts to stage a series of attacks against Department PSI and other government agencies.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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