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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Grant McKay and Jennifer are running in another dimension from yellow frog creatures riding atop fast eels. Grant expresses concern of getting back to the Pillar and feeding it fresh water to keep it operational. He has trust in Shawn. Suddenly, Jen's face is exploded with a device fired by one of their pursuers. Grant jumps off the cliff to save his life. He realizes they are on a jungle growing on top of a gigantic tortoise in this dimension. The tortoise all have a temple at the top of their shell and Grant lands in front of one with several yellow frog creatures noticing his landing.

The yellow frogs throw stones at Grant and his helmet is compromised. He jumps into the water below while he mentally laments about his decisions that led him here. He feels like he deserves to be there but his children deserved better.

After swimming underwater, Grant resurfaces in front of a large frog statue with blue frog warriors around the cave. Grant continues to ponder about how he's drawn to breaking the rules. He looks at his watch and sees he has five minutes left. He thinks about his wedding vows; more laws he didn't follow. He thought he could control the Eververse. The blue frogs notice Grant and shoot electric laser blasts out of their mouths. Grant tackles one and rips its head off. The beheaded frog head still disperses electric charges. Grant wields it as a weapon to keep the green frogs at bay.

Grant stumbles upon one of the golden frogs being forced to dance and entertain the green frogs at a dinner table. Seeing her tortured, he leaps into action and frees her. He jumps through the window with her body and returns her to the yellow frog warriors. As the blue frogs emerge from their lair, they battle the yellow frogs and Grant takes this as his cue to escape. He realizes he has 60 seconds left.

When he Grant returns to the Pillar with Kadir, Ward, Shawn, Rebecca, Nathan McKay, Pia McKay waiting for his return. Grant tells the Jen didn't make it and feels horrible about it. Grant notices the Pillar has been smashed, no burn marks, so it was manual. Suddenly, they make a jump to an alternate dimension.

Grant peaks his head up to see advanced Native Americans attacking Germans.


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