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Appearing in "Blood Brothers Prelude"

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  • Roam (First Appearance)


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Synopsis for "Blood Brothers Prelude"

U.S. government operative Cabbot Stone leads Bloodstrike, a covert superhuman team, in a raid on a G.A.T.E. International facility called Jericho in the Arizona desert.  The four-armed Fourplay and former supervillain Deadlock run point, engaging G.A.T.E. security while Stone and Tag penetrate deeper into the complex.  Joined by armored behemoth Shogun, they encounter the base commander Corben. They shoot his guards but discover Corben is appearing via hologram.  Stone, Tag, and Shogun regroup with Fourplay and Deadlock outside. Sensing something is off, Stone aborts the mission.  Corben appears in person and reveals he arranged Bloodstrike’s mission.  G.A.T.E. was about to fire him so, by repelling an attack by Bloodstrike, he sought to impress his employers and save his job. Corben attacks Stone, but Tag uses her powers to freeze Corben in place.  Shogun then opens fire on Corben, killing him.  After Bloodstrike returns to its headquarters, Stone’s artificially intelligent assistant Roam prints a photo of the team’s next target:  the superhero team Brigade led by his brother John a.k.a. Battlestone.


  • This issue is the prelude to the five-part "Blood Brothers" crossover with Brigade vol. 2. The story continues in Brigade vol. 2 #1.
  • "Rub the Blood!" in the cover corner box refers to the diagonal splashes of red over the cover image. When rubbed, the splashes change color.

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