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Appearing in the 1st Story

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Other Characters:

  • Jagger (First Appearance)
  • Tony




Synopsis for the 1st Story

At the Pentagon, Gunther shows Alexander Graves and Alan Keever footage of Bloodstrike storming a Brotherhood of Man base.  He then lays out his plan to takeover cover operations and invites them to disband Youngblood to join him.  They refuse, and he warns them he and the Purifiers may visit them soon. In Bolivia, the Experts approach a Cybernet base in their jet and deploy Bloodstrike to destroy the complex. While he sneaks inside via the sewers, Cybernet droids attack the jet and shoot it down.  Bloodstrike encounters droids as well but manages to take control of a gunship and mow them down.  Outside, Cybernet takes the Experts captive and loads them for transport. Bloodstrike begins to resist his conditioning and hurls himself into the water.  In Hong Kong, a man named Jagger meets with a contact to learn the whereabout of his former trainee, Geist.

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