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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Lucas Solomon


  • Epiphany
  • The Horde
    • The Half
    • Maniac (First Appearance)
    • Two-Bit (First Appearance)



  • Eye of God (First Appearance)
  • Tear of Isis


Synopsis for the 1st Story

Cabbot’s team captures the Half and acquires the final Pedestal fragment.  Satisfied with frustrating Epiphany’s plans, Solomon orders both Bloodstrike teams back to base.  Cabbot’s team departs in its watercraft, but they are soon attacked and defeated by Horde members Maniac and Two-Bit.  The villains take the Half and the Pedestal fragment and escape via a portal to Epiphany’s island.  Half an hour later, Shogun flies Cabbot, Gunther, and Tag to a freighter in the Gulf of Mexico where they radio for help.  As they wait to be picked up, Cabbot is convinced Gunther knows more than he is saying about the Pedestal, but Gunther demurs.  Meanwhile, Epiphany combines the Pedestal fragments with the Tear of Isis, forming the powerful Eye of God.

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