Blugger Vance

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Blugger Vance

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Pink Skin
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Quote1 Good thing ol' Blugger has a strong constitution. Quote2
-- Blugger Vance


Blugger Vance is a mercenary who began hunting robots after the robot culls began. He became stranded on Dirishu-6 Moon after Tim-21 and Driller stole his ship and escaped the moon.[1]

After spending time waiting on the moon, he eventually ran into Andy Tavers. Andy had arrived on the moon after following a lead on a companion droid. Blugger convinced Andy to bring him on the journey as he had tagged Tim-21 with a tracker.[2]

Andy and Blugger traveled in their spaceship, the Space Dagger, bickering. When they were approached by two Gnishian Warships, they were ordered to stand down. Blugger and Andy make attacked and escaped when a whole squadron arrived. They make a break for Phage where they knew their ships wouldn't follow. While passing through Phage, they saw a shimmering city and Phages. One passed through Andy and Andy had visions. He didn't want to speak about them and Andy asserted he just wanted to find his robot.[3]

They soon arrived on Gnish but found that Tim-21 had already left the planet. They stumbled into Tullis and Bandit who were in the holding pits of the fighting arena. When Tullis realized that Andy was THE Andy that used to own Tim-21, they devised a plan to escape and find Tim. Andy realized that Bandit had a chip that was connected to Tim so they could always find each other. He proposed finding his ex-wife who could rig the electronics to find Tim.[4]

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