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Appearing in "Picking Up the Pieces"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • unnamed aliens (Death) (disguised as Atlas and Battlestone)
  • Yakuza
  • unnamed ninjas




Synopsis for "Picking Up the Pieces"

Brigade has returned to their former headquarters in Malibu.  Boone invites Battlestone out for a night on the town with him and Seahawk, but Stone declines.  In Agarashima, Japan, Lethal battles ninjas while tracking Kayo.  Thermal argues over the phone with her editor about the article she is writing on Brigade.  After, Coldsnap tries to talk to her about his condition but gets frustrated and leaves.  In the basement, new member Crucible is going through boxes when she is suddenly attacked by dead member Atlas.  She uses her powers to fend him off and flees, seemingly running into Battlestone who attacks her, too.  Later, Boone and Seahawk return to find Thermal comforting Crucible.  Crucible reveals that her attackers were shapeshifting aliens who revealed their true forms once she defeated them.  They had stowed away on Brigade’s spaceship when the team returned from D’Vor.  Stone praises how she handled herself.  Seahawk tries to talk to Coldsnap, but he sullenly insists on being left alone. Back in Agarashima, a Yakuza boss tasks Warcry with stopping Lethal.

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