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Synopsis for the 1st Story

The day after Battlestone’s apparent death, Seahawk meets with the team and appoints himself its new leader.  Thermal tearfully insists she had decided not to publish her article on the team, but Seahawk is ambivalent.  Afterward, she and Kayo talk, both doubting Brigade can hold together without Battlestone. Crucible, having volunteered to pack up Stone’s belongings, is going through his family photos and is stunned to find a picture of her mother marrying Stone’s father, Quantum.  She then realizes Battlestone and Cabbot are her half-brothers.  Thermal tries to talk with Coldsnap, who is still struggling with his ice form, but he sullenly tells her to go away.  Wracked with guilt over her choices, she breaks down crying.  Kayo and Lethal hear a crash while eating and investigate to find Coldsnap and Seahawk at each other’s throats.  The two brothers fight until Lethal steps between them.  Suddenly, Crypt crashes into the room.

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