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Appearing in "Extreme Sacrifice part 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bernard Barros (In a photograph only)




Synopsis for "Extreme Sacrifice part 4"

Looking for Battlestone, Glory and Roman visit Brigade’s former headquarters in the Caribbean and find it in ruins.  Roman sees a photo of the Barros family and remembers their home in Malibu.  So, he and Glory set off for there.  In Malibu, Crypt has just killed Kayo in front of Thermal while keeping the rest of Brigade in stasis.  Thermal blasts him, but he deflects it and impales her with a sword, killing her.  Next, he teleports Lethal to a dystopian future.  At Youngblood headquarters, Troll castigates Knightsabre for confronting Graves, unaware that Graves and Combat are monitoring them.  Back in Malibu, Crypt executes Crucible just before Glory and Roman arrive.  Roman attacks while Seahawk tells Glory that Battlestone is dead.  She and Coldsnap attack Crypt, but he fends her off and fatally shoots Coldsnap.  Crypt revels in the killing until Chapel orders him to attack the New Men in Washington, D.C., and he teleports away.  The Newborn appears and gives Glory, Roman, and Seahawk a cryptic warning before vanishing. Roman explains to Seahawk that Crypt is just the harbinger of a much greater evil.


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