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Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cult of Aquon (First Appearance)
  • L'Xander (First Appearance)
  • Shape (First Appearance)
  • Wheel (First Appearance) (Voice Only)
  • Markus (Death)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

At the White House, officials brief the President that several dangerous cults are working together.  Elsewhere, a man named L’Xander kills the leader of one cult for withdrawing from an agreement.  After saving passengers from a derailed train, Supreme is attacked by a woman made of bluish mist called Shape.  He wounds her, but she still overcomes him and teleports him away.  At his office, Seahawk explains his plan to fund a new Brigade team and invites Troll to join.  Troll accepts but leaves once Seahawk shows him a scroll.  Afterward, Glory stresses to Seahawk that they need Troll.  Shape ambushes Tremor in a New York alley, but he fends her off.  Realizing the scroll he saw relates to a cult he started 3,000 years ago, Troll journeys to a cave in Madagascar.  He nearly falls, but Shape saves him and shows him the ancient text he was looking for. Later, in Munich, Shadowhawk is casing a museum when he sees Troll inside stealing another antique book. Believing it contains information that he needs to survive, Shadowhawk attacks Troll to try and obtain it.  In Neuport, a group of terrorists abort their attack plans when Roman arrives.  Shape observes this and notifies L’Xander.  In Munich, Troll lets Shadowhawk take the book but then shoots him in the back as he walks away.


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