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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Kayo flees into a Los Angeles back alley and runs into Battlestone.  He is initially relieved, but then Stone beats him and breaks his neck, killing him.  The rest of Stone’s Youngblood team arrives, and Stone says they are going after the rest of Brigade.  At the team’s Malibu headquarters, Thermal and Grant are discussing restoring Coldsnap to human form when Combat enters and kills Grant.  Thermal fights back, but Combat kills her, too, with his energy staff.  Enraged, Coldsnap attacks, but Diehard arrives, tears loose some electric cables, and uses them to melt him.  Elsewhere, Vogue and Lethal fight hand to hand.  Vogue wins, but Lethal uses Roam to teleport away.  Outside, Roman and Seahawk return home and deduce they are walking into a trap.  Cougar pounces on Seahawk while Battlestone ambushes Roman.  During the battle, Roman finds the bodies of their teammates. Horrified, he saves the wounded Seahawk from Cougar and flees into the ocean.  Youngblood chases them to the shore but stops there.  Stone says where Roman and Seahawk are going, they cannot follow.


  • This issue was part of the "Images of Tomorrow" event in which several Image Comics titles jumped ahead one year in the publication order for a single issue. In the case of Brigade vol. 2, #25 was published between issues #9 and #10.
  • The events of Brigade vol. 2 #16 preclude the events of this story, placing it outside regular Extreme Universe continuity.

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