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Appearing in "Deep Cover"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Worlok

Other Characters:

  • Heyward
  • Nemes




Synopsis for "Deep Cover"

Possessing Battlestone’s body, Trident blasts his way into Worlok’s ship, and Roman, Coral, and Bernard Barros follow.  Barros soon finds Worlok holding Coldsnap and Seahawk captive.  Just as Worlok is about to kill him, Trident enters and saves him.  Barros frees his sons just before Trident uses his powers to blow up the ship.  The shockwave from the blast spreads throughout the ocean, causing a hull breach at an undersea government facility off the coast of the U.S.  In Japan, Lethal tracks Kayo to an estate in Agarashima but finds only dead Yakuza, having missed him by just minutes.  At Brigade’s headquarters, Grant catches Thermal going through Battlestone’s files. Back in Neuport, Brigade, Roman, and his forces regroup.  Trident separates himself from Battlestone and reveals the experience has rejuvenated and de-aged his own body.  Bernard wants to celebrate their victory, but Battlestone insists Brigade must return to the surface.  Elsewhere, Worlok blasts out of the wreckage of his ship.


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