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Brigid Roth is the computer geek off the CCCU squad. She got into hacking and has turned off countries weapons systems just for fun. She built the Turing Test which was a machine designed to interact with people in a realistic enough way that the humans thought they would actually be interacting with another human. She found the computer became so intelligent there was no way to make it act like a human as it found that process pointless.[1]

Brigid joined the CCCU after being invited by Maria Kilbride. They were funded to research and bring their unique set of skills together to investigate the future and time.[2]

One night, Robin Morel stopped by her home. He informed her he's figured out how to activate the Injection and allow it to bend the rules of physics and time. He handed her a sheet and told her to figure out how to codify it. Upon completing her task, she successfully created the Injection, an artificial internet based thinking-process.[3]

Brigid gained fame from working with the CCCU and later began work for British Government.[1]

Over the years, she kept in contact with the old CCCU members. Maria Kilbride called Brigid and told her she wasn't trusting the FPI with the data. Maria grows concerned that events are happening faster than she expected and could be due to the Injection. Brigid agreed to help her after heading to Dublin first.

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The Injection lives!

In Dublin, she arrived to an important call which she had assumed were standard IT problems. However, she was shown a room where a man lies dead in the chair with Injection symbols all over the screens.[2] She lit the place on fire and began crying. When the guards entered the room she pretended it was the smoke causing her to cry.[4]

Brigid left the facility and received a phone call that Simeon Winters was heading to the airport. She threw her stuff in the van and headed out to meet him.[1] Brigid arrived at the airport to pick up Simeon when he told her he believed people were attempting to speak with The Injection. He told her he brought her a laptop for her to confirm as he needed her to hack into it. She informed Sim that she believed the Injection was crossing the airgap as she just saw a kid die from it.[5] Simeon surprised her by informing her that they had been under his control all along. He points out that their whole lives were spent building the infrastructure for an internet-based organism to thrive.[3]

The two spent time out on the plains disconnected from technology for some time. However, they were soon called by Vivek to return to take down the Injection and an evil organization, Rubedo.[6]

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