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Appearing in "Cold Death"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Steven Erickson (Death)
  • Dr. Rodgers (Death)
  • Giant from Alaska (Only appearance; dies)
  • Susan (Brit's Ex-Wife) (First Appearance)
  • Richard (Brit's Ex-Wife's Husband) (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:


  • Alaska



Synopsis for "Cold Death"

The issue begins with Donald trekking through the snow to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He knocks on the door and Brit opens it. Brit greets Donald and invites him in. Donald tells him that it would be easier to avoid Erickson and Dr. Rodgers if he didn't have to secure a helicopter every time he went to visit. Brit tells him to let them come, he doesn't even care. But Donald tells him that he has no idea how pissed off they are that Brit got away from them in Asia.

Donald walks in to greet Jessica and is shocked to find that she is very pregnant. They start to catch up but their talk is interrupted by an alarm going off. Brit yells at Jessica and Donald to get in the basement. Jessica opens a security hatch and climbs down.

Brit goes outside and finds Erickson and Rodgers with a squad of soldiers and a bunch of high tech weapons. Erickson tells him that he is coming with them whether he wants to or not. He had to have known if he kept making contact with Donald they would find him. Brit replies that maybe they are exactly where he wants them. Erickson just laughs but Brit uses a communication device and asks Jessica to turn on the motion sensors.

A weapons system pops out of the ground. Brit smiles and tells them not to move. Erickson pauses for a second but gives the order to attack. Rodgers starts firing lasers at Brit.

Down in the basement, Jessica and Donald just lounge around reading.

Back outside, Brit just stands there while lasers hit him with no effect. He wonders if the team was even briefed at all. Brit jumps onto one of the flying machines that is firing on him. He eventually breaks it open and caused it to crash. It blows up and takes out Erickson. Brit figures that worked well so he jumps on another one. He starts punching it trying to break into the cockpit. Brit says that it is times like this that he wishes they had figured out how to give him super strength, invulnerability only goes so far. Eventually he gets it open and steers it into Rodgers ship, causing it to blow up.

Once the smoke clears, Jessica and Donald make their way back outside to find Brit (with his clothes blown off) is the only one left alive. Donald asks Brit if he wants his job back and Brit shrugs and says what the hell and they take off in the helicopter.

Later at the Pentagon, Donald is meeting with Cecil Stedman who runs the Global Defense Agency. Donald is trying to explain that he was working with Brit in the interest of national defense and that he Later at the Pentagon, Donald is meeting with Cecil Stedman who runs the Global Defense Agency. Donald is trying to explain that he was working with Brit in the interest of national defense and that he never actually disobeyed an order. Cecil tells him that Erickson and Rodger's deaths were unfortunate but Donald doesn't need to defend himself. Cecil explains that he knew Donald was working with Brit without their knowledge and that Brit had actually helped Cecil and a few missions that he wouldn't have been aware of without Donald's help.

Cecil says that Brit saved lives and that is what they're about, not cutting up a good man in the hopes they can learn something from it. And Brit seems in top form, they would have lost him if it wasn't for Donald. Erickson and Rodgers were loose cannons that he should have stopped long before. Cecil informs Donald that Donald has been promoted to Erickson's position and then dismisses him.

At the house that Jessica and Brit gave her parents, Brit and Jessica's father are outside grilling. Jessica's dad tells Brit that he didn't like him at first but he does now because Jessica loves him and he makes her happy. But if Brit doesn't do right by her he'll find some way to kill Brit. Brit tells him he wouldn't have it any other way. Then he promises that he will take good care of Jessica and that he doesn't have anything to worry about.

Later at the Pentagon, Brit walks in and asks Donald what they have going on. Donald tells him that he's not going to like it because it is about his ex-wife.

Elsewhere, a man and his wife are in a lab with their unconscious superpowered son. The man is explaining that they are not storing and converting solar energy fast enough. They will have to siphon energy directly from the core of the Earth. His wife wonders if that is safe. He said they could only do it once safely and if they did it a second time it could damage the whole planet. The man says that is a risk they'll have to take or their son will die. She tells him to do whatever it takes.

Before they can do anything, Brit comes crashing through the wall. He tells his ex-wife Susan that they can't siphon any more energy from the core. He knows they're trying to save their son's life but they are risking disrupting the Earth's rotation and killing everyone on the planet.

The husband, Richard, tells him that they have tried everything else. They won't give up trying to save their son's life. Brit quietly tells them that if they try to go through with this he will stop them. Susan's hands grow into long claws and she attacks Brit. He steps to the side and backhands her.

That pushes Richard over the edge and he begins splitting himself over and over again into little duplicates. But it seems like he is splitting the same mass because each duplicate he makes causes all of them to shrink until he is attacking Brit with dozens of four inch versions of himself.

Brit asks them to stop and says he doesn't want to fight and that it doesn't have to be this way. He gets a sad look on his face and begs them to stop but they continue to attack him. Eventually Brit bites the head off of one of the duplicates that is hanging by his mouth. This seems to kill the whole group and the rest of the duplicates collapse to the ground.

Susan breaks down crying. She leans over his body and says she can't save their son without him, that she can't live without him.

Brit walks off looking depressed. Donald meets him and asks if everything is under control. Brit just tells him that Jessica isn't to know about this and that he needs to be alone.

Elsewhere, a frost giant creature wakes up from a long hibernation and starts to walk inland.

Later at The Ladies Room, Brit and Jessica stop in to the club to say hi to old friends. Jessica shows off her baby bump and wedding ring (we learn here that the wedding took place before the pregnancy) while Brit heads to the bar to talk with his friend. While they are talking Brit sees the news about a giant attacking Anchorage. Brit says he needs to use the phone.

Donald briefs Brit on the flight to Alaska. He tells Brit that he is sending him in first. The creature seems to be able to talk so Brit should try and reason with it first. Any of the weapons they have that could take it out would destroy half the city as well so Brit needs to get it out of the city if he can.

Brit jumps out of the plane and lands on the giant's head. The giant remarks that the humans have gotten brave while he slept. He tries to crush Brit in his hands and is surprised that Brit is still alive. He notices that Brit is trying to speak to him and holds him up to his ear. Brit yells that he needs to leave the city right now or Brit will have to kick his ass.

The giant laughs and decides to test out how durable Brit really is. He throws Brit to the ground and stomps on him. He walks off thinking Brit is dead and is impressed that humans have learned to speak so well while he slept.

The giant is surprised when Brit drives a car off of a nearby roof and hits him in the eye. The giant remarks that Brit is a pain in the ass just before Brit punches him in the eye. This angers the giant who throws Brit across the city. Brit jumps on a motorcycle and takes off out of the city. The angry giant chases him and tells him he's not going to get away.

But they get outside of the city just before the giant catches him. Now that they are away from civilians Brit pulls out a huge laser gun and fires it at the giant. This doesn't stop the giant so Donald tells the troops to fire everything at the giant. Before the missiles hit the giant, he swigs a bunch of train cars and destroys the helicopter that Donald is riding in.

Brit yells his name and angrily fires the gun's last charge at the giant. Between that and the missiles the frost giant is blown to pieces and killed. Brit starts to mourn Donald when he looks up and notices that Donald is walking out of the burning wreckage. Most of his skin has been burned off to reveal that he is actually a cyborg. This is news to both of them. Before they can talk about it any more one of the troops runs up and tells Brit that his wife has gone into labor.

At the hospital, Jessica gives birth to a baby boy. They name it Brittany. Donald thinks that sounds like a girl's name. Brit gives Donald a stare and says that his father didn't think so. Donald quickly apologizes.


The issue was originally released in black and white. It was later reissued in color (with colors by Val Staples).

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