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Brutus is a supervillain from the Wildstorm universe. He first appeared in Volume 1 of the StormWatch series.

Brutus first appeared as a member of The Mercs, contracted to capture Malcolm King during the funeral service of John Windsor[1]. Brutus was ordered to grab young Malcolm while he was in his activated state, triggered by Synergy at the funeral. During the fight with Battalion, Fuji and Synergy, Brutus attempted to blindside Battalion while he was fighting Hellslayer. However, Battalion side-stepped out of the line of Hellslayer's gunfire and shot Brutus instead with an energy blast. Battalion then used his psionic powers to neutralized Brutus. After reinforcements came in the form of Diva and Hellstrike, Fuji delivered a kick that put down Brutus for a second time. Finally the Mercs' team leader Deathtrap ordered a retreat[2].

The Mercs were later seen in Gamorra, during Battalion's rescue mission of StormWatch Prime[3]. Brutus was present during the trap set for Battalion, Fuji and Hellstrike. The Mercs however, failed to capture the team by the end of that mission[4].

Brutus was not seen again until Flashpoint's deadly manhunt for Deathtrap in search for answers to the reason behind holding StormWatch Prime prisoners for years during and after the Desert Storm Operation[5]. The Mercs responded to Flashpoint's hunt as he had already killed teammate Kilgore and was set to take out team member Hellslayer in Paris, France. Brutus showed up to provide Hellslayer with her gunbelt and a fight broke out in an alleyway with Flashpoint. StormWatch Prime members Sunburst and Nautika were sent to retrieve Flashpoint. They neutralized Brutus and the other Mercs during the fight.

When Stormwatch was sent to Gamorra as a defense force, Brutus found Flashpoint in Skeen's Tavern. Brutus fought Flashpoint, trying to avenge Kilgore, and the fight ended with Flashpoint burning Brutus' hand clean off with his eyebeams. It also turns out that Flashpoint had become a double agent for the MERCs, but Brutus was never told about it because he would have likely revealed it.[6]

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Strength level

Superhuman Strength:Brutus is the muscle of The Mercs as he is the largest member of the team.


Intelligence: Brutus is tragically not the smartest of his team. He often leaves himself open for attacks, particularly against telepaths.

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