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The Butcher of Buckaroo is not a new killer and has been around Buckaroo for quite some time.[1]

One day, the Murder Store was set on fire while Nicholas Finch and Sharon Crane pulled up to investigate. They burst in to find the Butcher of Buckaroo in his minotaur outfit and a beheaded Raleigh. The Butcher pushed a bookshelf on them, trapping them underneath while he escaped.[2]

Later, FBI agent Abigail Barker was kidnapped and placed in underground caves underneath Buckaroo. She saw the Butcher of Buckaroo come in with his Butcher Man master. They took another person from a cage and began chopping him into tiny pieces as Barker stared at the scene like a deer caught in headlights. Barker broke out of her prison cell. She attempted to run for freedom but was grabbed by the Butcher. The Butcher Man told her they have bigger plans for her as she was carted away into the depths of the dark recesses of the building.[3]

Later, Finch and Sharon were exploring the underground tunnels under Buckaroo when the Butcher showed up and stabbed Alice in the back. Finch and Sharon opened fire on the Butcher but his armor deflected any significant damage. Warren pulled Alice aside and told them to follow him. They stumbled into a room with dead bodies strewn across the floor. They realized they won't outrun the butcher with an injured Alice so they hide in a pile of bodies.[1]

The butcher stumbled into the room and suspiciously peered around the room. He hacked through the pile of dead bodies and didn't find anyone so he pressed on. The Butcher doubled-back and attacked Warren. The Butcher Man appeared and subdued Warren ordering the Butcher to stop the group before they escaped and revealed their secret to the world.[1]

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