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Appearing in the 1st Story

The issue begins with a supervillain called Medallion telling the cops to tremble before his might. Bolt walks up and asks the cops what Medallion's deal is. The cop asks Bolt for an autograph for his kid. Bolt gives it to him and heads over to handle Medallion.

Bolt tries to get Medallion to stand down but the villain shots an energy blast at him instead. Bolt knocks him to the ground. Bolt sees that Medallion is actually wearing a glowing medallion and pulls it off. This immediately takes away the villain's powers and Bolt knocks him unconscious and leaves him for the cops to arrest.

Bolt gets back to Capes, Inc. headquarters and greets Commander Capitalism. He explains why he is late to work and tells Commander Capitalism that he is going to need overtime for his work taking down Medallion. Commander Capitalism tells him to fill out the necessary paperwork. Commander Capitalism tells Bolt that he also needs to train the new recruit that has been waiting for him.

Commander Capitalism introduces Bolt to new teammate Kid Thor. Kid Thor is honored to meet Bolt. They head out so Bolt can show Kid Thor around the headquarters. They go through the facilities and end up at the gym. Bolt heads out to meet his wife for lunch while Kid Thor goes over to introduce himself to the attractive team member Knockout.

In Big Brain's office, Big Brain is in a meeting. Whoever he is meeting with is explaining that the Capes, Inc. funding is dwindling. Capes, Inc. was very successful when Big Brain first started it in the Sixties with the Meteor Twins. But Capes, Inc. isn't in the limelight as much as it used to be. They need to start a campaign to raise awareness and get public opinion behind them so they can increase their funding.

While they are talking, the secretary screams as an injured man comes stumbling into the lobby. Commander Capitalism runs up and identifies him as Captain Cosmic. Except Captain Cosmic has been dead for more than fifteen years.

Later, Bolt and Kid Thor go out on patrol. Kid Thor tells Bolt his origin story. His ancestor was a great blacksmith whose skills caught the attention of the gods. When Thor lost his hammer Miolnir in battle, he hired Kid Thor's ancestor to build him a replacement. Once it was built, Odin infused the hammer with Asgardian energy and Thor used the hammer for many years. Eventually Thor got Miolnir back. The gods were so impressed by his ancestor that they returned the hammer he made to him and fused it with his essence so only his bloodline could use it. And the hammer has been passed down through generations ever since and now Kid Thor is the latest in line to wield the weapon.

Kid Thor asks Bolt about his origin. Bolt's is simple; he got struck by a bolt of lightning and got really strong.

Suddenly the supervillain Machine Head comes crashing into the car that they are driving. Another villain, Titan, comes up and tells them to get away. He picks up Machine Head by the throat and tells him that he's messed with him for the last time. Machine Head tries to say that he will pay him but Titan says it is too late for that. Bolt and Kid Thor step in to intervene. Bolt tries to reason with Titan and tells him that Machine Head isn't worth it. Titan is a thief and a thug but not a murderer. Eventually, Kid Thor is able to get in a blow with his hammer and knock Titan out.

Later at headquarters, Big Brain is giving a briefing to the team. He's explaining that it was sixteen years ago that Captain Cosmic seemingly gave his life to end the rampage of the time traveling villain the Chronodile. His reappearance suggests that he was actually just thrown forward in time. Which makes him worried that the same thing might be true for the Chronodile as well. They need to be on alert because the Chronodile is a huge threat that is responsible for the death of many heroes.

As the meeting is dismissed, Claire Voyant walks up to the Meteor Twins and invites both of them over to her house since her husband is out of town.

In another part of town, a supervillain called The Nazi suddenly breaks out of his prison cell.

That night at Bolt's house, Commander Capitalism is hanging out and makes some sexist comments about Bolt doing house work at his wife's request. Bolt tells him that he is being offensive and that he understands why he's still single now. While they are talking, they see a news report about a big jailbreak at Stronghold Penitentiary. But since they are off duty they decide to let the night shift crew handle it.

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Capes, Inc
  • Sam Haze
  • Herakles (flashback only)
  • Thor (flashback only) (Cameo)
  • Loki (Cameo)
  • Odin (Cameo)
  • Thor Man (First Appearance)
  • Omni-Man
  • Black Lightning (Mentioned only)
  • Black Samson (Mentioned only)
  • Blade (Mentioned only)
  • David Letterman (Mentioned only)
  • Static Shock (Mentioned only)
  • Storm (Ororo Munroe) (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

  • Synopsis not yet written.


This issue includes a bonus pin-up by Gary Lau and a bonus preview of The Walking Dead Vol 1 1.

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