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:Quote1 I've always been amazed how relaxed you are about destroying people. Quote2
--Jason Wynn
Quote1 I don't belong. Not here. Not now. I have to get back there. The bet was rigged, he made me believe. Now there's darkness in my soul. I want to die... again. But I chose to come back. Why? Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 1
Quote1 This is my fate. This is what I've chosen to be. This world and its shadows belong to me. Now and forever, I am Spawn. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 100
Quote1 Let there be no mistake.. The king of hell is returned. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 120
Quote1 "At least I'm not a white guy again" Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 128
Quote1 I've always been amazed how relaxed you are about destroying people. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 24
Quote1 This is how you two communicate? Via email? Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 252
Quote1 Get up and wipe your ass. We need to talk. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 256
Quote1 I need to finish this, and I need to do it alone. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 257
Quote1 Tell Satan I'm here. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 258
Quote1 You keep her. The costume is mine. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 259
Quote1 You can't let me leave here. That wouldn't show your army how powerful you are. And you need that power to keep them scared. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 260
Quote1 I'm KING here! This is my home. How dare you come here and try and turn my people against me?! Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 28
Quote1 Now, here's the simple question, "Who killed my wife?" Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 293
Quote1 Don't believe their lies. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 294
Quote1 But I'm compounding these problems by being everyone's target. It's been a friggin' sea of freaks... Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 33
Quote1 Uh?! Not dead yet? Good! I didn't want your pain to end too quickly! Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 36
Quote1 After all, how can a dead, cursed soul in hell make his situation any worse? Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 52
Quote1 I'm Dead! or, at least I was. The faster you accept that the sooner some of this will begin to make sense. Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 55
Quote1 I killed myself because it was time. Nothing was going to change, so I changed things! Quote2
--Spawn Vol 1 Resurrection

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