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:Quote1 That's no coincidence. All these guys killing innocents, kicking our butts and running off, still at large? that's something else. The bad guys are going global, just like us. The difference is they're not doing televised pressed conferences telling the world what they're doing. That means they have us at a disadvantage. So when you get split up into teams, spread out over these fancy new bases, it means you watch your ass, and you watch your neighbor's ass. Because things, I believe, were just raised to the next level. Quote2
--Guarding the Globe Vol 1 4
Quote1 My team comes from every corner of this globe, and together, we will be expanding our efforts to guard it and its citizens. We couldn't stop this tradegy from occuring, but in the future we will be prepared for attacks on such a scale. That is our message today, that we are here. We stand before you, assembled, as a show of our strenght, to tell the world, we are here for you, we will always be here for matter how great the challenge, the Guardians of the Globe are here to stay. Quote2
--Guarding the Globe Vol 1 6
Quote1 There's Monster Girl. Her real name's Amanda. She's a smart, successful woman trapped in the body of a monster, only when she turns back to Human, she finds that body growing progressively younger, more child-like. It's slowed down now, but she'll never be the woman she was. Never. And this guy Yeti. Believe it or not, there's a world where he's the runt of the litter, but he still fits in there. Yet he's here, helping a world that sees him as a little more than a monster. And Shapesmith. God knows what he really is, but his mind as alien as his body. Here he is, making the best of it. Le Brusier. He's a freaking dog, but he gives his all on this team, this world. This is what I see every day, Jess. People who aren't normal, people far less normal than our boy. But people who are still accomplishing greating things. I'll tell you the truth, hon. Maybe Brit's Austism doesn't bother me. Quote2
--Guarding the Globe Vol 2 5
Quote1 Have any of you looked outside? Have you been watching the news in here? Things have changed. Crime is down, the economy is booming, the crime rate and unemployment have both dropped to record lows. The world is a better place. They're all wondering...what happened? That's the big question...who is responsible for all this? There are TV specials, books being written, everyone is trying to work out what changed...what fixed the was Rex. He saved the world...he made everything better. He somehow did what we'd all wanted to do...make people safe, stop all the fighting. He did it. He murdered so many people...killed friends of ours...but... I just can't argue with his results. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 121
Quote1 On your feet, soldier. The Guardians of the Globe are back in full force and we're at your command. You know these bastards better than any of us... ...and I'm willing to bet, given the right resources, you know exactly how to beat them... Let's finish this! Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 95

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