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Dominant Genetics

Despite mothers of different races, Oliver and Mark Grayson have similar appearances and powers due to their father's genetic dominance.

Dominant Genetics is the ability to have overriding genetic traits. Dominant Genetic powers may be applied to offspring via the mating process: If a parent with bug-like appearances and no powers mates with a DGU with dominant genetics in physical appearance and flight - the offspring will take on the physical appearance of the DGU as well as be granted the ability of flight.

Dominant Genetic powers may be injected into users: This may be a scientific serum granting users DG powers, or it may via an offensive attack such as a tail stinger or fangs that inject the user with DG genes. The impacted user will undergo a transformation where they then inherit the DG of the injector.

Note: For characters who have been injected with Dominant Genetics, pipe inject=yes into the template. Example {{Dominant Genetics|inject=yes}}

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