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Hand-to-Hand Combat is not to be confused with strength and constant fighting as many super heroes find themselves in. It pertains to an individual's ability to defend themselves in unarmed combat against one or more adversaries. It is not indicative of any particular fighting form and should be distinguished from more advanced fighting techniques such as Martial Arts.

See also: Martial Arts

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)

Basic hand-to-hand demonstrates an individual's ability to hold their own in a fight. People skilled in basic hand-to-hand include members of law enforcement, athletes (because of their conditioning), low-ranking military personnel, gangsters, henchmen, barroom brawlers, gun-slingers, etc.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)

This form of hand-to-hand combat requires advanced training, or demonstrates a fighting prowess that is beyond that of the average street-level thug. Many career military personnel and martial arts/self-defense instructors are advanced hand-to-hand combatants.

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