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Invincible Vol 1 79 002
Robert Kirkman; Ryan Ottley; Cory Walker
Robert Kirkman

Ryan Ottley
FCO Plascencia; Bill Crabtree
Rus Wooton


Welcome to the Image Comics Database portal dedicated to Invincible!

Invincible is the one of the longest running independent comic books. The creator, Robert Kirkman has been it's primary writer for over 140+ issues. Supported by Ryan Ottley, it is one of the few comic books to have a writer and artist team up for so many issues.

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Mark Grayson was born a half-breed between a super-powered Viltrumite and a mortal woman. When his powers manifested one day in his teenage years, he became the super-powered hero Invincible.

Places to Start ReadingEdit

Having run for 15 years and over 140 issues, jumping onto Invincible can be a daunting endeavor! We at the Image Comics Database recommend the following starting, jump-on, and modern start points for new readers:

Best Single Issue ReadsEdit

Are you a fan of Invincible and want to witness some of his greatest stories? Have you read most of the series already and want to go back to some highlights? Are you just a fan of superhero and gory comics? We recommend the single issues below (based on professional opinion), and the major Invincible events below that!

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