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--Image Comics Summer Special Vol 1 1
Quote1 Oh, sorry. I was just -- I was thinking about the way things were. Before he -- ... Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 0
Quote1 I wouldn't try that... I'm Invincible. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 1
Quote1 You think you've saved us--by taking the problem away--by killing us, so that we don't harm the ecosystem, so that we don't warm the planet--because there are less of us? You've just slowed things haven't fixed a damn thing. You're making it possible for us to continue our old ways of life, you're only delaying catastrophe--not avoiding it! These people could have died for nothing. Think about it. Maybe you don't have all the answers Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 100
Quote1 Finish high school, I guess. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 13
Quote1 I don't trust him. I will never trust him. That's why we left before... that's why we have to leave again. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 130
Quote1 I know. I know you're scared. I'm here and I'm going to protect you. I need to fly fast and really, really high now... and I need you to be brave. Can you be brave for me, Terra? Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 131
Quote1 Really? Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 134
Quote1 We're leading them to Earth. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 136
Quote1 Because you're a Viltrumite who clings to the old ways. You value and respect only strength. You feel only the strong deserve to live. You cling to practices that pushed our people to the edge of extinction. You see us as people living only for conquest, measured only by the size of our empire. No room for peace. No room for compassion. No room for love. You thought you were keeping the empire alive--pulling us back from the brink of extinction. The truth is you were holding us back. Under your leadership the Viltrumites stood for nothing... fought for nothing. Just like you. Look at what they became under my father's leadership. Look at how they transformed. You can't see it... you can't allow yourself to see it. But it's there. They're here--they're fighting for Earth--for their families there. It isn't a huge shift, but it's there. It shows the potential of what the Viltrum Empire can be. It proves there was a compassion in our people... always there beneath the surface, buried under all that strength and fury. It's there, waiting to be nurtured so it can grow. We can be a force for good. We can spread peace throughout the galaxy. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 140
Quote1 Rex has established peace here. The Immortal is going to maintain that, even improve on it. With Thragg's offspring, there are so many of us... keeping us here... it's only going to cause trouble. It's an unmanageable situation. The truth is... we don't belong here. None of us do. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 143
Quote1 I mean, Earth has the best comics. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 144
Quote1 Executed?! Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 18
Quote1 Invincible Punch! Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 19
Quote1 Hey, uh -- you changed my boots? Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 24
Quote1 Then come back! Come back with me, dad! Please! Please come back! Forget Viltrum--and taking over Earth. Forget everything and just come--to me--to mom make everything the way it used to be! JUST COME BACK--PLEASE!! Just make...just come back and make everything it used to be Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 26
--Invincible Vol 1 33
Quote1 Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 34
Quote1 Yeah, the things my dad wrote about here are real, they have to be...and it's not enemies of the's about eliminating things that can hurt them...things that can hurt Viltrumites... MY DAD IS TELLING ME HOW TO BEAT THEM Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 35
Quote1 Y'know you really ruined my afternoon. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 4
Quote1 Executed?! Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 41
Quote1 “No, I’m the one who should be apologizing to you, Oliver. The past few weeks, I’ve been training you…I think I’ve learned more than you have. I scolded you…I yelled at you—thought I knew better. I thought you were misguided, naïve—I was wrong. You were right the whole time—but I’ve learned my lesson. Someone tries to hurt my family—someone I love—if there’s another villain out there putting lives in danger—who’s just keep coming at me until they finally succeed…I won’t hesitate to kill them Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 65
Quote1 No. Not him. How? Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 71
Quote1 Getting it now, are you!? Done screwing around?! I'm not letting go, Conquest! I'm not! Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 72
Quote1 They left us alive for a reason, my father and me...there no way the Viltrumites just gave up and went into hiding...not right before killing us. What did we do to them? we destroyed Viltrum...Thragg was ready to kill us for that..he was right there, he could have done it...but maybe he thought of another way to hurt us...something more painful than death. You can't find them because they're not in this galaxy, Allen. The Viltrumites have gone to Earth. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 76
Quote1 This is being a Super-Hero? I'm just stopping crap from happening at any given moment. I'm not doing anything really worthwhile... ...and when I fail... my God, I fail big. We have the power to change the world, Eve... ...but instead things just keep getting worse. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 81
Quote1 I'm starting to see a time when I'm not even wearing the costume anymore. Dressing up, punching guys...I mean, it has its place, but I've been looking at things...differently. Like Universa today. We talked, we resolved something...she's no longer an enemy. I think. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 82
Quote1 Whoa...Dinosaurus was right. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 84
Quote1 Oh, God... You're killing everyone. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 98

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