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An Item Dependency is one where a character's powers or abilities are directly impacted with the presence of an item. This can include:

  1. The weakening or inability to perform their powers without the item in their presence or activation.
  2. An upper limitation of one's powers with the presence of the item or activation.

Atom Eve's transumation powers are limited by mental inhibitors installed in her skull by the government. If the inhibitors were removed, Eve would have greater control and affect of her powers.

This is not to be confused with Power Loss where a character's loss of power can be due other factors such as emotional control or power-usage maturity of the character. It is also no to be confused with Power Depletion where the over-usage of one's powers robs them of their powers.

This is not to be confused with the skill of Power Item where an item grants a character power. The absence of that item is not a weakness.

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