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--Invincible: Viltrumite War
Quote1 It is time, son. You are needed. The time for war is upon us Quote2
--Invincible Returns Vol 1 1
Quote1 Son... we need to talk. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 10
Quote1 Son, stop. Listen to me. Do you have any idea what our life span is? The older we get the slower we age. We can't live among these frail things... your mother is little more than a pet. Viltrumite DNA is so pure and complete that you are nearly full blooded. I could mate with nearly any alien being of comparable evolutionary development and produce a similar offspring. This means you will eventually become as strong as me. You could potentially be stronger... and you will live for thousands of years. Do you understand what this means? Everything you know and love will be gone before you look thirty years old. You do not belong here. Do you really want to watch your world die around you? Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 11
Quote1 There will be no time for regrets! You will all be crushed under the heel of the Viltrum Empire! Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 125
Quote1 No, I'm fine--I'm--you have to listen to me. You're going to lead our people to great heights. You're going to show them your ways... your compassion... you're going to... you're... Mark. You changed me. Change them. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 141
Quote1 I know this is a lot to take in at one time, but you're old enough to know the truth. And unfortunately... I'm not done yet. On top of all this... there's more. You see, you're getting older, son... things are going to start to change for you in a few years as you hit puberty. You're going to start to get acne. Your voice will start to crack and eventually change. You'll being to grow hair in strange and new places. You're going to start looking at girls in a whole new light. There's a good chance that you're going to start to develop super powers. Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Flight... the whole bit. All the powers I have... Mark? Do you understand? Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 2
Quote1 Hello, son. It's been a while. You're looking well. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 25
Quote1 I understand that, truly, I do, but it doesn't change the fact that I need your help. The Viltrumites are coming for me. They could be here at any moment. You arrived just in time. Once they find your brother they will kill him. If I'm defeated I will be taken back to Viltrum for execution. I need your help in defending this planet. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 27
Quote1 I'm going to need your help on this one. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 3
Quote1 Son, I can hold my breath for two weeks. You should be able to hold out for an hour at least. I've got to go, you'll do fine. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 5
Quote1 They’re not coming because they’re no one to send. I am confident in this because I know how far away the Viltrumites are. My execution was postponed because they are called away—it was only recently that they were able to send back the two agents required by law for an execution. They had no else to spare. The reason is simple…there are less than fifty pure-blooded Viltrumites left alive in the whole universe. That’s the secret…that’s the thing they don’t want anyone to know…that’s why we can beat them. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 55
Quote1 Son this is war...and it's time for us to rejoin the fight. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 74
Quote1 Mark... we've got a funeral to attend tomorrow... The Guardians of the Globe are dead. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 8

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