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Kyle Barnes has been plagued by demonic possession all his life, with his mother and wife being possessed. After putting his mother into a coma when he was a child, and exorcising his wife, he lived a life of solitude and pushed everyone away to keep them safe.

One day, Kyle re-encountered with Reverend Anderson, who asked help to exorcise Joshua Austin. After Kyle successfully exorcises Joshua without causing harm he began a mission with the Reverend to look for answers.[1]

Shortly after the exorcism, Satan came to town in the form of a man and taking the name "Sidney".[2][3]

Along the way, Kyle tried to exorcise a man named Blake, but was unable to for unknown reasons.[4] After Sidney was angered by the Reverend learning to much, Sidney marked Anderson with an inverted pentagram as a warning.[5]

Ignoring Sidney's warning, Reverend Anderson and Kyle continued their mission.[6] Kyle and Reverend Anderson eventually go to Charleston to exorcise Sherry, a young girl the Reverend thought he has exorcised in the past. Much to Kyle's disappointment, the exorcism put Sherry in a coma.[7] While in Charleston, Kyle went by to take a look at his wife and daughter while back in Rome, Sidney gave the Reverend one final warning.[8]

When Kyle returned to Rome, he was alerted his foster sister had been possessed. When Kyle and Reverend went to exorcise her, Kyle swore they need to find more answers on The Merge and make sure none of this happens to anyone again.[9] While exorcising Megan, Kyle and Anderson were interrupted by Mark Holt, who was upset believing Kyle was battering Megan. Mark was thrown out the window by a possessed Megan. Shortly after, Kyle gave all he had and exorcised his adoptive sister.[10]

When the Chief arrived, he told Kyle and Reverend Anderson he had to arrest Megan due to laws, despite believing in demonic possession. When Megan realized Mark left their daughter alone, the four rushed to Kyle's house where they found Sidney. When Anderson found Sidney, he assaulted him and landed a few punches before Sidney told the Chief he wished to press charges. While in detainment, Anderson thanked the lord for giving him the strength to stand up to Sidney.[11]


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