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:Quote1 You're being coy, Heist. This work is obviously a thinly veiled treatise on radical pacifism, a compelling -- if not entirely persuasive -- call to inaction. Quote2
--Saga Vol 1 12
Quote1 Because the opposite of war... is fucking. Quote2
--Saga Vol 1 17
Quote1 Anyone who gets close to them dies. Quote2
--Saga Vol 1 32
Quote1 ...fucking disgraceful. Was I honestly just mistaken for some weak-chinned excuse of intermediate nobility? Quote2
--Saga Vol 1 35
Quote1 I will never understand why you're so loyal to people who have essentially forced you into indentured servitude. Quote2
--Saga Vol 1 38
Quote1 I've interviewed every detainee on this rock, and the only thing I'm close to catching is a staph infection. Quote2
--Saga Vol 1 5

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