Allen the Alien Invincible 001

Allen the Alien possess the ability to become stronger each time he nears death.

Reactive Adaptation is sometimes called "instant evolution" or "spontaneous adaptation". Is is a power characters possess to develop adaptations, powers, or skills in response to immediate threats. Users can either instantly develop powers or abilities to deal with threats or their bodies dynamically learn from experience. Depending on the user's control of the power or genetic structure, the reactive effects can be permanent or temporary.

After a certain situation the user's skin may become tougher, they may display increased IQ after a difficult test or fortified emotions after a personal argument. User may be able to read different languages after moments of looking them up or be able to withstand a constant bombardment of radiation. Some users may develop Enhanced Speed after being shot, or grow Dermal Armor, and may have the opposite power of their opponent.

In some instances, a magical object may express similar powers.

This is not to be confused with Accelerated Healing where a character regains his strength.

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