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:Quote1 It's funny, against what you were doing with Dinosaurus I was the mostly because it conflicted with my plans. It was really was the most forward-thinking you'd ever been. It impressed me. Made me think you might even be a good ally. But seeing your potential here, no. Only one of us can rule. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 108
Quote1 How could I be so foolish... of course he'd find his way back here. I was merciful and it's only going to get more people killed. No way to keep this contained now. I know where he's going. I'd hoped to keep the Viltrumites out of this for as long as possible. Sigh. I'm just not ready... I thought I'd have more time... Oh well. Let the slaughter begin... Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 111
Quote1 I know it will be hard to believe, but I sincerely apologize for any stress this may cause. It is not my intention to alarm you or your children. For me, this is an unpleasant, but unavoidable task. Viltrumite children... there is so much potential in what you can do for this planet... and against this planet. With your Viltrumite parents occupied at the moment, you are vulnerable. So while I understand your pathetic attempts to resist, I must assure you...'s for your own good. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 137
Quote1 There's a threat on its way to Earth. I need to help make sure it never reaches this planet. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 138
Quote1 I've accomplished too much to stop now. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 142
Quote1 With that out of the way, I'd like to announce our line up for the New Guardians of the Globe. Dupli-Kate. Shrinking Ray. Monster Girl. Black Samson. Rex long as he promises to behave. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 9
Quote1 So it's true... she somehow... procreated with one of them. I can't even... how could she... it doesn't matter. If you know where they are, I want you to hunt them down, all of them. I want their bloodline erased. All Zaxal royals are to be gathered and executed. Women, children...of them. Including the the unborn half-breed that grows within that traitorous Zaxal belly. Quote2
--Invincible Vol 1 96
Quote1 "You know what this is? It's new. It's a new way of doing things, of fighting evil, of saving the world. And it's messy and imperfect, but it's effective. But most of all... it's new". Quote2

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