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Saga Vol 1 42
Brian K Vaughan; Fiona Staples
Brian K Vaughan
Fiona Staples


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Saga is a intergalactic space-adventure comic that has been published by Image Comics.

Saga tells the story of a feud between two warring nations, Wreath and Landfall, a feud which has extended beyond just the planets and has forced the entire galaxy to pick a side. The story features characters who define just good and evil, and feature elements of grey. Good characters are sometimes forced to do bad things, and bad characters find themselves doing the right thing for honor, moral, or other reasons that help a reader fall in love with an otherwise deplorable personality.

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Saga is an interplanetary love story that follows Marko and his cross-species wife, Alana. Marko has traversed inter-species hatred and bigotry to start a family with his race's mortal enemy. When the universe is torn, will they start to see a commonality and end to this war with their love child, Hazel?

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While Saga has only been out for a short period of time, it has already built a strong following and rich universe with character development. Use the following jumping on points for the beginning, middle, and most recent:

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