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:Quote1.png Surrender?! You sicken me. There is nothing left...but revenge! Quote2.png

--Invincible Vol 1 75
Quote1.png He has me. Quote2.png
--Invincible Vol 1 87
Quote1.png Of course you will survive the do so would betray the bloodline. For thousands of years I have acted as Grand Regent...charged with the task of locating the lost son of Argall, placing him on the throne of Viltrum...your I will not yield my position to traitors. If I have to forfeit our time on be it. Quote2.png
--Invincible Vol 1 90
Quote1.png Before you overreact, take notice of the fact that you couldn't make us leave if you wanted to. What I propose is this...we will live among you. The people of Earth will not even know we are here. You will not eve know we are here. You will not interfere with any matter on Earth. We do no want our presence to be known. We will not attack you..but we will not help you. My people will blend in, live as Humans with Humans. We will intermingle...we will interbreed. This is the only way to ensure our survival of the Viltrumite people. We will restore our ranks over the course of thousands of years. Human DNA has been proven to make near perfect hybrids...the closest thing we have to pure-blooded Viltrumites. Our children and our children's children will join our ranks, their children will have children and our ranks will swell with the infusion of Human DNA. You will allow us the time to restore our rebuild our Empire. Quote2.png
--Invincible Vol 1 77
Quote1.png Look at this blood of Argall. Just looks like blood to me. Quote2.png
--Invincible Vol 1 132
Quote1.png Finally. Quote2.png
--Invincible Vol 1 135

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