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Appearing in "TKO"

Featured Characters:

  • Chapel (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "TKO"

In southwest Washington, Lord Chapel has his demon minions build a portal to Hell while his force field destroys all U.S. military forces that approach it. Battlestone is arguing with a general over what to do when Chapel and Spawn arrive to join the fight.  Their past ties to Hell enable them to pass through the field.  Once inside, they fight their way through various demons and reach the portal.  Warned of their entry, Lord Chapel confronts them and invites Chapel to take Crypt’s place as his henchman, but Chapel refuses. Chapel argues with the demon lord while Spawn teleports to the portal and activates it.  Lord Chapel and his demon army are sucked into it and sent back to Hell.  Spawn saves Chapel from being pulled through it with them.  Afterward, Chapel admits he almost accepted Lord Chapel’s offer but decided against it in favor of a second chance at life.

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