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Appearing in "ShadowHunt part 2: Hunted"

Featured Characters:

  • Chapel (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jamie Anthonette
  • NYPD
    • Lou Jacks
    • Arthur Rieves




Synopsis for "ShadowHunt part 2: Hunted"

After ditching an overeager FBI agent following him, Chapel climbs atop a building and waits for a sighting of Shadowhawk.  In the briefing the FBI gave him, he watched footage of Shadowhawk killing a thief and then the thief’s victim.  NYPD corners the vigilante outside a bank, and it attacks.  Just as it is about to kill Captain Rieves, Chapel blasts it with a rocket launcher, knocking it into a fuel truck which explodes.  As the injured Rieves leaves in an ambulance, Shadowhawk attacks Chapel on a nearby roof.  Chapel fends it off so an FBI helicopter can shoot it, but it destroys the helicopter.  Monitoring the attack, Alan Keever wants to call in Youngblood, but the FBI lead says to give Chapel more time.  Impervious to gunfire, Shadowhawk advances on Chapel and impales him with its wrist-mounted blades.  As it prepares to kill him, heavily armed FBI agents and NYPD officers surround it.  A TV reporter covers the ensuing battle from nearby and watches as Shadowhawk emerges from the rubble, armed with Chapel’s weapons.  Seeing this, the FBI acquiesces to bringing in Youngblood.


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