Quote1 Lookit that, Ton. Lil' sis zombie girl just saved the day! Single HANDedly. Quote2
-- John Colby

Appearing in "Story 1"

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Supporting Characters:


  • Dagmar Fiskbuller (Single appearance)

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Plot Synopsis for "Story 1"

A man prepares a dish for the master chef. When the master chef rebukes him for a horrible execution of cutting the vegetables, the man cuts of his hand.

Ibrahaim Ramin Revival 002

In Wausau, Tony Chu and John Colby arrive to investigate the missing hand case. John makes several quips about locals lending a 'hand' on the case. Sheriff Wayne Cypress directs them to speak with Dana Cypress and Ibrahaim Ramin.

They bring Tony and John to the morgue with the recovered body parts. They tell Tony to have at eating the parts to see if they can get a lead on the case with Tony's Cibopathy. Randy Decker walks in and introduces them to one of the dead body parts. It suddenly reanimates when Randy puts her head back on its body. The Reviver chases John around the room while Dana updates Tony that Revivers come back to life more violent then they used to be. Tony tells them their missing hand must be reanimated somewhere in the town as it wouldn't make sense to import a body part otherwise.

Martha Ann Cypress Revival 002

They arrive at Dagmar's best bites restaurant. Em Cypress is leaving the place at the same time they arrive. Em raves about how the restaurant has turned around and suddenly tastes like a five-star restaurant nearly overnight. Tony tries a bit of her food and tells them the chef, Dagmar Fiskbuller, is inside. He orders some of them to cover the back as they head in the front.

They bust into the room and order Dagmar to freeze. He throws a butcher knife at Em and chops her in the face as he takes off. Dana orders Tony to chase after Dagmar. As Tony turns the corner, he's knocked out by Dagmar's third arm which has been reattached to his body. Em arrives outside and knocks him out.

At Rothschild Police Department Headquarters, Dagmar admits he's been using the hand to suddenly cook well as it is all he ever wanted. Tony explains to Dana that Dagmar is a Punicacuratio and can reattach body parts with pomegranate juice. Tony asks if anyone's seen John.

Elsewhere, John sleeps in bed with Mrs. Swenson.

Appearing in "Story 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Barbara Szuba (Single appearance)
  • Creep

Other Characters:




Plot Synopsis for "Story 2"

Dana Cypress takes off for work and asks Em Cypress to watch her son. She gets in the car with Ibrahaim Ramin who debriefs her on today's task. They are teaming up with Tony Chu, a food psychic.

They arrive at a grave site where people are being exhumed moments before a snowfall which covers their trail. Tony tastes some of the snow and has a vision of a Creep. Dana tells them she's searched their names and found they all went to a one-room school just south of their location and still in the quarantined zone. They hone in on Barbara Szuba, who Tony heard her name in a vision and Dana found went to school with the victims.

They head to Barbara's home, an assisted living corridors. They find mud on her door handle and a fingernail. Tony takes a bite to use his Cibopathy. He talks about a barn dance at the same time Dana and Ramin find an invite on the best to a barn dance.

They arrive at the barn and hear an old Polish song playing. The sneak in and find dead bodies dancing to the music. Barbara yells at them for coming and they see she's ripped off all her flesh and is in a bloodied dress. She corners Tony and he tells her that he's seen her soul and it's coming. Suddenly a Creep flies in through a crack and enters her body. They evacuate the building as she self-immolates and sets the place on fire.

They head to a local pub for a drink and talk about their strange work assignments.

Solicit Synopsis

TWO GREAT TASTES THAT TASTE REALLY WEIRD TOGETHER! Tony Chu heads to Wisconsin in two all-new original tales by the creative teams of both critically acclaimed titles! A great jumping-on point for readers who’ve heard how damn good these titles are on their own, and a twisted delight for those already in the know!



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